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Sales Prospecting

By Wythe Walker

Management 101 Series


People say, Sales is a numbers game.

What does that mean?

You’ve got to have a large number of ‘suspects’ you’re thinking about, networking with, kicking the tires.

Out of those ‘suspects’, you’ll gradually narrow down some ‘prospects’, potential clients that you hit it off with, need your services but may not know it, are happy surprises.

As you work through that list of ‘prospects’, you’ll eventually have a chance to make some presentations, proposals, interviews, exploratory meetings.

Of those true sales calls and sales presentations, you’ll find that if you make enough of them, eventually, you’ll land a client.

When you land that client, you need to do what you say you’ll do for that client, build a relationship that is based on helping that client succeed, plus, getting to know that client. You’ll find that if you do this well, the relationship will grow, the business will grow and you’ll both prosper.

Some of your clients are going to leave you thru changes you won’t be able to control. They’ll take new jobs, or the company will change its focus. Or you might make a mistake.

That’s life.

That’s why you have to always be growing yourself, networking, learning, expanding your skillset and your relationships.

This will lead you to more ‘suspects’ and ‘prospects’ and ‘presentations’ and ‘clients’ most of whom you will keep and some of whom you will lose.

Sales is a numbers game.


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