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Marketing on Facebook isn't an option, it's a requirement

Garry Wise and Chris Scott, co-leaders of The Paperless Agent, spoke during an Inman Select Audio Live session about marketing on Facebook, including Facebook’s new rules of engagement. It’s a great little window on a fast-changing world.

They point out that 1 out of every 2 people on the Internet log into Facebook each month. I can guarantee you that more than 50% of the folks out there don’t read a newspaper or a particular magazine every day. So Facebook has become ubiquitous. The question, as the authors put it, comes down to how you use Facebook to connect to your audience in ways to successfully grow your business.

According to Garry and Chris, there’s an “old” method to use Facebook, and a “new” method:


The bottom line is that although Facebook has been around for only 14 years, it has evolved from a free, truly “social” platform into one that now has great power due to the vast number of people around the world that use it on a daily basis. It’s still free from the audience’s standpoint, but it’s given marketers the ability to reach that audience, or any segment of it. Plus, daily analytics are available to either affirm or reject the marketer’s approach and message.

Powerful stuff.

As a marketer, have you made it to the 21st century yet?


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