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How Local Businesses Can Survive the COVID-19 Scare

Our job isn't just to show tons of people how awesome your product is, it's also to help you strategize during tough times. The COVID-19 scare is the perfect opportunity. With some creativity and ingenuity, you can minimize the crisis' impact on your business. For example:

  • Restaurants: Social distancing? Fine. How about take-out? How about using Grubhub to stay in for the night? They don't have to eat at your restaurant for you to make a dollar. Give them other options that lead back to you.

  • Business Services: Reach out to your clients and let them know you're still around. Don't cancel meetings, use video meeting tech like Zoom. Show your clients that your machine still runs even though the rest of the world is shut down. Time for you to look pro.

  • Investments/Money Management: Communicate with your clientele to show them how your diversified approach has helped them minimize loss during this potentially-bear market. Ease their mind by showing statistics of how quickly other bear markets recovered. Better yet, remind them that NOW is the time to buy. It's a fire-sale!

  • Medical Practices: Utilize emails and social media posts that showcase your expertise. Make your patients lean on you for advice in a time like this. Become a trusted resource.

  • Retail: Pump your web presence. If you have a good website (and you better...), remind your customers that they can still shop while staying in.

  • Banking AND Real Estate: Create urgency. A stumbling economy usually means low interest rates. Now is the perfect time to refinance or lock into a 30-year mortgage on a new house.

  • Government Agencies: Take this opportunity to educate citizens on how to minimize exposure, what symptoms to look for, and when to seek treatment. Show them that your ultimate goal is to help The People.

Bad times might make your business stall, and that's when it's important to figure out how to turn lemons into lemonade. Reach out to us... we're pros at making lemonade.


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