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Handy Web Design Tips

By Jai Lambert


Good web design is extremely important. Working with a good Web Designer ensures your website will be created and optimized to fit your needs. The process of designing a website is a fun exercise in creativity, however, you have to make sure you don't try to "over-design" and create a tangled mess. Here are some handy web design tips to keep in mind when you plan your website.

You should try to stick with one font family when designing your site. For example, if you are using Myriad Pro, Use the bold type for headlines and the regular font for body/paragraph text.

Try to only use one main color besides your text. You don’t need to use a lot of colors to build a great website. Keep it simple. Also use neutral colors to separate content, for the header, and the footer. And be sure to separate content using dividers, background colors, and/or white space.

Always crop images for the website before uploading. This will help keep the file sizes down and your website will load faster. As a general rule, crop hero images to 1800 x 1000 pixels and blog images to 1,000 x 667 pixels.

For your body/paragraph content, try to keep your font size between 15 to 25 pixels. The best sizes are 16 and 18 pixels. Your body content line length is best if kept between 45 to 90 characters across. This will make your site easier to read, especially if you have a lot of text.

Use font size, colors, boldness, etc… to define a hierarchy when using headlines and sub-headlines. And also, avoid using pure black (#000000), especially for a background color. Also, avoid using black for text. Use a dark grey instead. This reduces the contrast between the background color and the text, especially on a white background.

Lastly, organize all your content and images before you build your site. This will make for an easier experience when you start building.

Just remember: keep it simple. You're not trying to recreate the wheel. If it doesn't have to be complicated, then why make it that way? What's most important is you are getting your information out to your clients and showcasing your business in an organized manner.

For more information about website design, or to inquire about a website audit, reach out at to schedule a meeting.

Jai Lambert partners with CMW Agency for website development, design, and strategy with over two decades of experience. He is also a gourmet cook, delighting our office with the delectable aromas of his most recent recipes.


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