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Wythe Walker

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Wythe Walker’s passion for writing and entrepreneuring has led him over the course of a 45 year career in media to work for small newspapers (the Jacksonville Daily News, The Sherwood Voice), big city dailies (Arkansas Gazette and Arkansas Democrat), statewide business journals (Arkansas Business and the New Mexico Business Weekly) and the 100,000 circulation over-the-road The Trucker newspaper. He has been a writer, editor, publisher, consultant, and buyer and seller of newspapers. Two years ago, he joined the team at CMW Agency to learn more about the world of digital advertising to better understand the fast evolving media landscape. 

Walker is an award winning journalist and publisher who has a powerful curiosity about all businesses and discovering how to help people work together. He loves building companies and helping people succeed. He’d love to learn about your company, what you like, what you don’t, what troubles you, how to help you improve. From marketing to management, he’ll want to know. When he’s not working, he’s an avid musician and news consumer. 

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