Search Engine Marketing

Why do our clients love Search Engine Marketing?

effectiveness, reliability, and value

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Ads are created, ad space is bought, and ad spend is strategically applied and monitored.

When you search for a service or product on any search engine, you will see two types of results: Organic and Inorganic

The organic results are in the main body of content when you scroll down, while the SEM results are at the top of the page.

Organic Search Results ​VS Inorganic Search Results

  • Organic: when someone searches for a phrase related to your business (eg Little Rock air conditioning repair), Google will show your and your competition's websites. The order of the results is determined by the quality of your website and its content, and how well both of those satisfy Google's algorithm at the time.

  • Inorganic: forced ad placement. SEM, which bypasses Google's algorithm.

Why Every Business Should Consider Search Engine Marketing

Google, Bing, and Yahoo make their own rules. The rules are ever-changing and, sometimes, fickle. Many times our clients don't want to wait for the long Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process to get results. CMW's SEM campaign results are instant, and even better, totally transparent. At the end of each month, we will tell you exactly how many people saw your SEM ad, if they clicked through to your website, what they searched for, how many call your business received as a result, and even the duration of those calls.

You know exactly how much you spend and exactly what for. Proving a return-on-investment has never been easier than now.